Your poor dog. As a child, you always made it the whipping pooch for homework that was half finished or never even attempted. Years later and a million fleeting instances of turmoil, grounding, punishment and failed classes due to never doing your homework -you turned out okay, right? You had almost escaped for a lifetime something that was so significant in life in general. A quick Google search reveals that homework is negotiable but still relevant in this day and age. As adults we don’t necessarily want to study for most things, yet we want to go from 0 mph to 60 mph (0 being “I heard of this before”, and 60 being “I am well informed”) in a matter of minutes. Speed learning is how we multitask and manage life. Technology helps us break down what is complicated. When most agents sit down with a family and talk about insurance that family is probably going 15 mph. They kinda sort of know what they need and want. After some insight from Simon Sinek I realized there may be a large gap between what customers know and how the agents educate. The gap is the why. It’s important that agents speak to clients about why insurance will help secure their families future. Now, how does all this all relate to homework and why the hell am I reading this you might ask? I am saying this because: when you are solicited by an agent to come to your house and talk to you about insurance, you should do some homework. But where does one begin you may wonder? Why is this important? It’s not just important it’s almost necessary. As I mentioned above, most people don’t know why they need it and how much they need -which may lead to the potential customer cancelling the appointment. Solution: If a customer sits down and fills out an online insurance needs calculator this will most definitely help solve the why gap and solidify the appointment. In a few minutes anyone can see how much they need to protect their assets, family, income, future child’s education, funeral expenses, etc. Doing this homework ahead of time will make customers more informed so they won’t feel like they are being “sold” something they don’t need or under insuring (not getting enough insurance). Come to find out almost every major insurance company has a calculator, but I can guarantee that they are almost never used by the agent or customer. They are all good and easy to use in my opinion, but check it out for yourself. My biased opinion leans towards Mutual of Omaha’s calculator.


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